The 46 th All Japan Nishikigoi Show in 2015, the Narita Farm won the Grand Champion

JPD Premium Koi Foods helps your Koi's to be the Champion!

2015 All Japan Koi Show was held at Tokyo Ryutsu Centre from 30th Jan, until 1st Feb 2015. The Grand Champion this year was from the Narita Farm. Then, JPD Director Mr Yoshida received the words from Mr Ryuki Narita about the secrets for the winning. That is the JPD Koi FOODS! What a great honor!

Congratulations, the owner, mr. Chen Chang, Narita Koi Farm, and Sakai Koi Farm!
(陳 昌 様, 取扱者 成田養魚園 株式会社, 作品者 株式会社 坂井養魚場)

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