Koi Food Products

JPD Koi Food Premier

All JPD Koi feeds are manufactured in EU by Japanese supports with Japanese recipe.
The production is entirely under Japanese control. JPD cooperates with specialized nutritionists to the National Fisheries University and the nutritionists of the dutch company research facility. .

The packaging are designed in Japan and manufactured in the EU with the latest packaging technology. (see: one-way vent valve) The packaging includes an anti-slip layer which allows them to accumulate and prevent loosing quality by slipping out. The material consists of aluminum-foil three-layer against water and air.

All colors, designs and symbols on the packaging are deliberately chosen to ancient Japanese traditions of the samurai period. Every detail has devised a forward sense.


Highest quality color enhancing Koi food. Contains shrimp- and krill meal, algae and seaweed.Pre digested proteins and is based on wheatgerm.


Higest quality health stimulating Koi food. Contains immune stimulators, pre digested protein, special yeast cultures and algae.


Highest quality growth enhancing Koi food. Contains Shrimp and krill meal, pre digested proteins, digestive stimulants for stomach-less fishes. Two different kind of pro-biotic.


Highest quality cold water Koi food. Contains algae and yeast cultures that help the digestion and stimulates activity at cold water temperatures.


Highest quality Staple Koi food. Contains all basic ingredients for maintaining healthy Koi. Best price/quality Koi food in the market.


JPPE is a sister company of Japan Pet Design Co. Ltd.